Create a Horeca-Native Brand

The Challenge

Help the Britvic group relaunch its range of flavors for on-premise distribution, with a winning strategy for a professional channel with specific expectations.

Our solution

A complete overhaul of the mix, supported by a preliminary fieldwork to investigate bartenders drivers and expectations.

We came up with a new positioning, based on reasserted expertise, a revealed history, and a narrative rooted in the founding principles of Mathieu Teisseire.

A new name, a new brand identity, a new structural design and a new graphic identity were designed to enhance Teisseire’s expertise and integrate it more naturally into the uses and environment of the back bar.

Brand identity
Packaging Design
Exploratory research
Brand World

Blackbox input

Ethno research involving 16 in-depth interviews with bartenders to explore in detail their uses, attitudes and perceptions of the flavors universe, and to draw up clear specifications for the rest of the project.

Mathieu Teisseire - Gamme
Mathieu Teisseire - Logos
Mathieu Teisseire - Zoom
Mathieu Teisseire - Bouteille
Mathieu Teisseire - Bar Cocktail
Mathieu Teisseire - Brand book
Mathieu Teisseire - Social