Introduce a local craft beer brand into the big league

The challenge

Gallia, a small craft brand based in Paris suburbs, has turned to blackandgold to give its entire range a more distinctive and consistent look, as it ramps up its national roll-out.

Our solution

Working in partnership with Atelier Bingo, the brewery’s iconic illustrator duo, we strived to give the brand all the assertiveness and power it deserved.

Beyond this, the entire brand identity structure has been rethought to secure a clear and consistent space that would welcome the diverse visual styles of future references, still in the tanks of these slightly mad brewers.

Brand identity
Packaging Design
Gallia - Fresque
Gallia - Plaquette
4 Bouteilles de Gallia, sur la cagette, en exterieur
Gallia - Quadrillage
Gallia - Zoom sur étiquette
Gallia - Multicolor
Gallia - Gravure