From tradition to timelessness

The challenge

Almost 100 years after it was founded, the expert brand for sensitive skin entrusted us for an ambitious relaunch. Newly dedicated to « skin regeneration », the brand wished to enhance the timelessness of its expertise.

Our solution

We have drawn from the brand’s history to better project it into the future.

A new monogram, symbolising the unique active principle of regenerating oil-enriched formula, at the heart of all the brand’s products, crowns the founder’s name for a revamped brand identity.

The revised visual identity system also includes a new graphic structure and a new structural design inspired by the iconic “calisson” shape of Cavaillès’ historic soap.

A revisited territory, combining heritage inspiration and contemporary sobriety, which also extends to innovations such as universal surgras oil and solid cosmetics.

Brand identity
Packaging Design
Consumer test
Brand World

Blackbox input

A design lab phase to test the different packaging options on shelves with consumers and, through an iterative process, to inform the choice of a final route.

Cavaillès - Logo
Cavaillès - Produits
Cavaillès - Huile sur le dos
Cavaillès - Gamme
Cavaillès - Bio Aloe
Cavaillès - Savon orange
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